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Peer Review: A61930 - Squirrels

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Entry: Squirrels - A61930
Author: Solitaire - U28024

This entry was edited by H2G2 staffers back in '99 and I'm re-submitting it after the bbc update.

A61930 - Squirrels

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

at college we used to eat squirrel.

the staff called it bacon but it was exactly the same shape as if you cut a squirell from its head to feet sideways, including the tail. all the bits were the same size and shape, and none of them bore the slightest resmblance to a pig.

but then, that's not a very helpful comment is it?

I dont know about this entry, I think the current thinking would be that it is more suitable for a series on erth species in the The Post, but historically this was accepted to the guide, so hard call.

nope, not gonna stick my neck out and say one way or another

it's a nice entry though


A61930 - Squirrels

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Hi, Solitaire!

When you say that the original entry was edited by h2g2 staffers, what do you mean? Whatever happened, there doesn't seem to be any Edited Entry on squirrels.

The present Editorial Guidelines for Edited Entries are set out in the Writing-Guidelines and your entry doesn't really fit these guidelines (it's not factual etc.). As it stands, the entry is amusing, and I think trying to rewrite it to fit the guidelines would be a mistake - you'd be better off taking it out of Peer Review and publicising it in other ways (a link in your name, maybe?)

smiley - cheers
smiley - rose

A61930 - Squirrels

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Jimi X

I agree with everything said above.

Plus, I didn't see any mention of my continuing struggle to keep squirrels out of my bird feeders.

A61930 - Squirrels

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

looks like the fore-runner to the Squirrel Conspiracy A381683smiley - yikes

A61930 - Squirrels

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Hi there!

Considering that this appears to be an entry about squirrels being evil, might I suggest a change of title?smiley - winkeye Perhaps something like 'The Other Side of Squirrels', or 'What you didn't know about squirrels'.

I'd say a Post entry... really...

Caper Plipsmiley - magic

A61930 - Squirrels

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

Yes indeed.

Any Scout seconding a move to the AWW then?

A61930 - Squirrels

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Jimi X


I mean second! smiley - ok

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