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Photos and privacy

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Some of us have privacy issues and would prefer not to have photos taken, or at least posted online. So, can we identify our wishes here before the event?

For my part, I believe that privacy isn't necessarily something you notice - until you lose it. So I would prefer not to have my photo taken. Thank you.

Anyone else?
smiley - bluefish

Photos and privacy

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Taff Agent of kaos

get a pair of glasses and stick a long black card retangle across themsmiley - erm

pre censored photossmiley - winkeye

smiley - cool

smiley - bat

Photos and privacy

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Don't care about me, but no photos of my son online please.

Photos and privacy

Post 4

Whoami - iD dislikes punctuation

Your best bet in this situation is to ask anyone pointing a camera at you to desist. Why? Well, nobody knows what you look like! smiley - biggrinsmiley - cake

Photos and privacy

Post 5

Pierre de la Mer ~ sometimes slightly worried but never panicking ~

I do (and I would like a picture, actually smiley - winkeye) but I understand and respect your wishes - and by the way I won't even be there

Hope you have fun no matter what, smiley - bluefishsmiley - hug

smiley - pirate

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