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I've seen a list of terms that a program similar to Net Nanny blocked (it was one of the main filtering programs, but I can't remember which one) and it was absurd. Among the terms blocked were: Beer, Cigars, Girls, Boys, Women (but not Men). This was around two years, so maybe things are a bit more sophistocated now...

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Calamity Schrodinger - The wild cat who walks by her wild self

Barton, I have to say that sounds like an entirely reasonable response to what seems a ludicrous law. I can just about see why a small struggling community, as Jamestown was should want to prevent able bodied people from wasting the daylight hours, but the drinks thing seems completely unreasonable. Surely it can't have been done to protect jobs?

As to the adult site thing, search engines and filters can be very unpredictable. For a real laugh, I'd suggest that you fit for a while and see what you what you can't access. A friend of mine found himself unable to access sites that included the words "Venezuela" once...

I kid ye not.
smiley - zen

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The H2G2 Editors

It's not exactly related to the way this Conversation has gone now, but it's still related. Enjoy: http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/F55683?thread=151623

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That information came to me in a private communication with someone who was watching but could not post then. I'm sure that s/he will post hirself sometime soon.

I should say that I cannot verify Net Nanny since I don't own the software. I just installed Safe Surf, which is free. It blocks h2g2, apparently because h2g2 has not chosen to be rated by their voluntary system. That feature can be turned off without affecting the rated sites. However, doing so largely defeats the system. This then is not an indication that h2g2 has been judged inappropriate.

It may well be the same for other systems, but I haven't the time to check them out.

If this one case turns out to be representative, I can only say, I regret having even mentioned the issue. I imagine my friend will do more research since s/he was interested and is a very thorough individual.

Incidentally, Safe Surf, at least, *appears* to use a human evaluation system and multiple categories that is miles ahead of the earlier keyword based systems. Note the stress.



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Martin Harper

You'll have seen this already, but what the hey... smiley - kiss


Barton, if you carry on being this vocal, I'm going to have to conscript you into the minority - by force if necessary... smiley - winkeye

-Lucinda ("Build a bridge out of her!")


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Mother of God, Empress of the Universe

Yeah, I missed you. smiley - bubbly You handled that very well.

And I'm glad you and the others are back, and especially that things were cleaned up around here. Hopefully h2g2 can get back to abbynormal, now. smiley - biggrin


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I just don't like badges.

(All together now: "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!")

I admit there is a certain value in hitting back at your detractors by taking their villifications and turning them into your badge. The problem is that most people don't understand sarcasm, as I'm sure you have some understanding right now.

You don't see thinks like pro-abortion people wearing badges that proclaim themselves as 'Baby Killers', the sarcasm is not only lost but the label is wrong.

Here in the context of h2g2 where things are supposed to be 'fun', I don't think there is anything wrong with mocking detractors but perhaps it would be better if you all called yourselves the Proud Small But Vocal Minority. Without that, labeling yourselves in this fashion (remembering that I am Jewish) takes on some of the aspect of lableling yourselves and then daring the others to take pot shots at you.

I'm not afraid to be marked out (I can't avoid being known by those who dislike me or my attitudes) but I belive the dare is itself somewhat incindiary.

Having said all that, thanks for the compliment. Add me to your list if you just want a compendium of all the 'trouble makers' here on h2g2. But I won't wear your badge and I won't pay any dues. smiley - smiley




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On second thought, adding the word 'Proud' is probably even more incindiary. Maybe add the slogan "Thanks for noticing!" No, that's pretty bad, too.



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soeasilyamused, or sea

one might also point out that there is no such thing as "Pro-Abortion". it's "Pro-Choice". smiley - winkeye

just my pedantic two cents...


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Thank you, sea. I knew I wasn't remembering the correct and proper name chosen by the movement, which shows you how long it's been since anyone braced me for my opinion (which is and always has been, "If I could become pregnant, carry the baby, and give birth, I might be entitled to have one. Till then, ask a woman.")


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* Mark *

Oh no, I'm not getting into this argument. It's for people who are either saner or more crazy than I. I'm just referencing it as a place where Silent Lucidity said something.

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a girl called Ben

smiley - footprints

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