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Yushio Bako

Excellent. Simply Excellent. This is one of the best entries that I've read yet. I can't see why this didn't make it into the Edited Guide. At least it's funny and truthful.

Survival Kit

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You missed the essential pack of playing cards.

Should you find yourself hopelessly lost up a mountain and separated from your climbing partners, sit down, get out your cards, and start playing patience. It is one of the laws of nature that within five minutes someone will walk up behind you and say "Put the red eight on the black nine". You're saved

Survival Kit

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Very good, really entertaining. A few spelling mistakes here and there but otherwise great.

I was disapointed when i was denied the pleasure of taking my microwave dinner up the mountain with me. Perhaps you could provide the reader with the option to take a microwave and power generator with them to overcome the obvious issues...

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