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An apology

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Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

This is directed to mr legion specifically.

Two things.

First one: Uni work is getting somewhat on the heavy-side now, I've quite simply not had the time to spend either updating the story-time pages in GuideML or dreaming up anything to stick in the forums. ( Maybe in a month or two, we'll see.)

Number 2: Internet explorer is knackered. It doesn't want to locate the server - go figure. And seeing as Netscapoe (mysteriously) doesn't *ever* display the GuideML code for the story-time pages when i go to "edit page" (I don't know why it does this it just does.) It means I am effectivly unable to edit any of the stories. At some point after I finish this semester I'm gonna wipe my hard drive and start up from scrath but obviously I can't be doing this while it's go all of my work on - so just another case of being patient I guess.

This is how things stand at the moment regarding my schedule - if you (or any of our regular contributors) want to take a break from this for a while I won't mind - I'll chase you all up when I'm back on

Clive smiley - winkeye

An apology

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Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

even so I did find time to add in a new section.. smiley - winkeye

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