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Bob, Jill, Heddingly are all at the remains of the rock concert with Cliff the lead singer, Zarx is in Bob's pocket. AL - The superintelligent if somewhat aloof super-computer than drives Guy's car is till parked outside

Gonzaroolio has been abducted by Annabell - now this girl has some amazing gadgets to hand, it appears that she can hack and gain access into any security network across the globe.
She is the daughter of the crack-pot inventor Arthur Smittington - who has after a constructing a life-size mock-up robot of both Bob (disguised as Annabell) and himself has now had his consciousness transferred into the robot. - superstrong but needs oiling now and again...?

Richtor: the great grandson of the inventor of the richtor scale - is tracking some distrubance making it's way towards stonehenge (ancient stone circle - popular with druids - for those who don't know.) It seems he is working with some group to stop some ancient prophecy from fulfilling itself.

Now: Tim, evil double crosser and henchman to the Red leicester has summoned from the grave his dead spirit ...or so he thought due to some canny queue hoping by one of Hell's denezins - he summoned Rasputin the mad monk of Russia. (BTW way I love this!! smiley - biggrin - I'm stumped what to do next - but I love it!!! smiley - biggrin) He's sitting now in an airport, were is he going???

Bertha: the brain-washed former nurse is being held by guy - for information possibly, who knows?
Guy: we havent seen much of since we left the hospital - maybe he is back at Agency HQ, directing affairs?
Arthur and X: Left for a secret mission right at the start of the story - are they tracking down the cult of the Dying Pilchard?

Hmm..this is sort of for me to organise my own thoughts but I figured it might be helpful if anyones lost track of what's going on...

Clive smiley - smiley

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