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Wot no Geology ?

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Despite my old college shutting down its Geology Department and various other funds drying up, I was shocked not to see Geology (or Earth Sciences, as I understand it is referred to today in the smirking circles) featured in the Faculty of Science.....

Please correct this at once, and I'll try and think of something to write about it.

Wot no Geology ?

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the_jon_m - bluesman of the parish

if you can think of a whole univeristy project based on geology, I'm fairly certain that the powers that be will include it in the faculty of science.

The list of topics / departments were mainly written as a guide for what goes where, rather than limiting entry's inclution. H2G2 uni - if you can write a porjct that fits in the univeristy guidelines, then we'll be able to fit it in somewhere

Wot no Geology ?

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Thank you.

I shall, hammer in hand, start thinking.

Wot no Geology ?

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

In fact, I can guarantee it. If you can complete a project, you'll be our first Geology graduate smiley - smiley

Wot no Geology ?

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Hehe, my Geography teacher's first love is Earth Science. He'd be as shocked as you, Dyvroeth smiley - smiley.

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