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Project: Inorganic Chemistry

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Hi Mina smiley - biggrin
Just to let you know, I've made a start on part 2, slightly smaller in content than part 1 probably and Spelugx has agreed to sub, but anyway here the general synopsis;

Title page A1056089
Project Name: Inorganic Chemistry - Part 2
Chemistry of groups 13 and 14
Field Researcher: Iridium U220654
Department: Chemistry
Faculty: Science
Start Date: 22nd May 2003
End Date: 4th June 2003
Assisting Sub-Editors: Spelugx
Project Description

1) Link to Overview of the periodic Table which is an entry of Part 1.
2) Boron
3) Group 13 - Al, Ga, In, Tl.
4) Carbon
5) Group 14 - Si, Ge, Sn, Pb

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Project: Inorganic Chemistry

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Oops, that end date should of course read July and not June...

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Project: Inorganic Chemistry

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Thanks. smiley - smiley I haven't been able to work on this for the past couple of weeks, but I'm hoping that I can get something done very soon. smiley - smiley

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Project: Inorganic Chemistry - Work in Progress

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Researcher: U220654 - Iridium

Project Pages: A1002637A1006615A1056089 - Inorganic Chemistry

A1002204 - Catalysis
A1049069 - Oxidation Numbers and The Naming Of Compounds
A1017776 - Overview of Transition Metal Chemistry
A1017677 - Chemistry of Group 16, the Calchogens - S, Se, Te, Po
A1017640 - Chemistry of Oxygen (Group 16)
A1017631 - Chemistry of Group 15 - P, As, Sb, Bi
A1017622 - Chemistry of Nitrogen (Group 15)
A1017613 - Chemistry of Group 14 - Si, Ge, Sn, Pb
A1017604 - Carbon
A1004888 - Chemistry of the Group 18 Elements - He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, Rn
A1003041 - Chemistry of the Group 6 Elements - Cr, Mo, W
A1003032 - Chemistry of the Group 5 Elements - V, Nb, Ta
A1003014 - Chemistry of the Group 4 Elements - Ti, Zr, Hf
A1002961 - Chemistry of the Group 3 Elements - Sc, Y, La, Ac
A997644 - Chemical Kinetics - Getting Inside the Reaction
A25072166 - UPDATE: Chemistry of the Group 12 Elements - Zn, Cd, Hg

Edited Entries:
A1013239 - The Physical Chemistry behind the Periodic Table
A1002691 - Hydrogen
A1002709 - Group 1 - Alkali Metals
A1002934 - Group 2 - Alkaline Earth Metals
A1007416 - Group 12
A6359060 - Carbon and its Inorganic Compounds
A1118297 - Oxidation Numbers and the Naming of Compounds
A1011899 - Molecular Orbital Theory of Chemical Bonding
A1011871 - Valence Bond Theory of Chemical Bonding
A25734026 - Boron
A49292724 - Common Salt (Sodium Chloride)
A25568391 - Chemistry of Group 13 - Al, Ga, In, Tl


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