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Project: Organic Chemistry

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Thanks, Mina smiley - ok

RhoMuNuQ {In the glorious light about "her" smiley - winkeye}

Project: Organic Chemistry

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I'm going round trying to make sure all finished projects get their day in the sun before there is no chance left, how's this one going?

Project: Organic Chemistry

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It's subbed and ready to go. smiley - smiley


Project: Organic Chemistry

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Great! The list we have in the office seemed a little short, I knew there were some more out there. smiley - smileysmiley - ta

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Project: Organic Chemistry - Complete

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Researcher: U203385 - Rho

Project Page: A834013 – Organic Chemistry

Edited Entries:
A388217 - Organic Chemistry
A834248 - Introduction to Chemical Formulae
A834527 - Alkanes
A835058 - Alkenes
A836057 - Alkynes
A836741 - Alkanols
A838749 - Alkanoic acids
A840322 - Esters
A849611 - Alkanals
A862625 - Alkanones
A865370 - Further information


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