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Project: Radar

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

Researcher: Bossel
Researcher number: U132240
Index Page: A595082

Project Title: Radar

The project will include the History of Radar, Applications at airports and for police and car drivers, Basics of the Technology, Electronic Warfare, plus some things that would make Ashley say 'woooosh' again smiley - winkeye. An entry about radiation hazards is also included, though not only confined to microwave frequencies.

Start date: July 20, 2001
End date: Sep 05, 2001


Project: Radar

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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

Dear Powers That Be,

The listing on the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering - http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A612361 should link to http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A595082 rather than http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A591031. Also, the project is being led by Bossel, not me.


Project: Radar

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Thanks - fixed now. smiley - cheers

Project: Radar

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

Oopsie! Thanks for noticing that, Two Bit smiley - ok

Project: Radar

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I now declare this project...

... finished! smiley - biggrin

Now's the time for solving the big one... I guess we'll need a whole bunch of SubEds for the piece smiley - whistle

smiley - cheers


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Project: Radar - Complete

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Researcher: U132240 - Bossel

U43530 - Bluebottle
U35376 - Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron
U180224 - Sir Kitt

Project Page: A595082 - Radar

Edited Entries:
A591545 - The History of Radar
A612334 - Radar History: Isle of Wight Radar During The Second World War
A644311 - Radar: The Basic Principle
A743852 - Radar Technology: Main Components
A601912 - Radar Technology: Side Lobe Suppression
A635726 - Radar Technology: Airborne Collision Avoidance
A644302 - Radar Technology: Antennas
A743780 - Radar Technology: Antenna Beam Shapes
A743870 - Radar Technology: Monopulse Antennas
A743799 - Radar Technology: Phased Array Antennas
A743807 - Radar Technology: Continuous Wave Radar
A743861 - Theoretical Basics: The Radar Equation
A729281 - Theoretical Basics: Ambiguous Measurements
A612721 - Theoretical Basics: Signals and Range Resolution
A635681 - Theoretical Basics: Ambiguity And The Influence of PRFs
A644276 - Theoretical Basics: Signal Processing
A591897 - Civilian Radars: Police Radar
A604513 - Civilian Radars: Automotive Radar
A588684 - Civilian Radars: Primary and Secondary Radar
A665840 - Civilian Radars: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
A743889 - Military Applications: Overview
A632729 - Military Radars: Over The Horizon (OTH) Radar
A748749 - How a Bat's Sensor Works
A644348 - Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) Radar
A644276 - Electronic Combat: Overview
A729551 - Electronic Combat in Wildlife
A637535 - Radar Countermeasures: Range Gate Pull-Off
A637634 - Radar Countermeasures: Inverse Gain Jamming
A666533 - Advanced Electronic Countermeasures


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