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Project: Edinburgh Independent Schools

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Fashion Cat

Name - Archangel Fashion Cat.

Researcher Number - U137089.

Index Page - A885242

Project title - Edinburgh Independent Schools

Description - I wanted to write an article on my own school Fettes, and decided that it would be good to do a project with an article on each of the schools. I'd like to include things like history of each one, why they were founded, famous alumni, numbers, facilities... all sorts of interesting things.

Entry Titles -

Daniel Stewart's Melville College
Edinburgh Academy
Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School
Fettes College
George Heriot's School
George Watson's College
Merchiston Castle School
St. George's School
The Mary Erskine School

MES Has been written about before - A32419, but this can be improved hugely. There is so much more that could be written!

Proposed start date - 1/12/02
Proposed finish date - 12/1/03

Project: Edinburgh Independent Schools

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Sorry for the delay, you have been added to the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, dept of History & Philosophy of Science.

smiley - ok

Project: Edinburgh Independent Schools

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Fashion Cat

Delay??? I was just wondering whether there was a pulse, or whether I should call a smiley - nurse to come rescue you all! smiley - winkeye

And, just as an aside, why does Edinburgh schools go under the Faculty of Science and Mathematics??? I'm just curious... smiley - smiley

Ta muchly!

Project: Edinburgh Independent Schools

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Who knows? The department is history though, which seemed to fit. smiley - smiley

It won't be in there long anyway, as when we've finished refurbishing the Uni it will be very different. smiley - smiley

Project: Edinburgh Independent Schools

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Fashion Cat

smiley - laugh

so long as it makes sense to someone! smiley - winkeye

Project: Edinburgh Independent Schools

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Hopefully. smiley - ok

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Project: Edinburgh Independent Schools - Abandoned

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Researcher: U137089 - Fashion Cat

Project Page: A885242 - Edinburgh Independent Schools

A907562 Merchiston Castle School – by Demon Drawer U104826

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