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Project: Norway.

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Project Name: Norway
Field Researcher: Trygve
Department: The Universe
Faculty: Science
Start Date: 7th Juli 2002
End Date: 30th Juli 2002
Assisting Sub Editor:

I have allways wanted to write something about my home country, and tought this guide was THE place, there for I shall write some text about Norway, and some general information to help you live in it.

1)Geographic facts.
2)Economic facts.

Anny one that might be interested in helping plece contact.

[email protected]

Project: Norway.

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h2g2 name: Trygve
h2g2 research number: 197995

Project: Norway.

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World Service Memoryshare team

Hi Trygve,

Could you let me know the A number of your index page - then I'll add your project to the University as a work in progress smiley - ok


Project: Norway.

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you mean this dohigy?

Project: Norway.

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World Service Memoryshare team

That's the one. Thanks smiley - ok

Project: Norway.

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho


Ahhh, that's better - no a*******r smiley - biggrin

Project: Norway.

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Yes,I am the Lady Lowena!Get with the programme...

Too lazy to set up my own project but have the rudiments of geography,colouring in, making tea brainstorming.... aha ,oslo,the vikings,fiords, the top bit where father christmas lives and Mrs.pepperpot. Am I in?. Oh go on I'm really good at the tea thing and I can read maps

Project: Norway.

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Yes,I am the Lady Lowena!Get with the programme...

no reply then.Shall i try somewhere else? I'd sharpened my pencils and everything....no it's okay I,ll be fine

Project: Norway.

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Im back again, Yes I would like help on this project. but the release date must be pushed a litlle.

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Project: Norway - Abandoned

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Researcher: U197995 - Trygve / Rooster

Project Page: A781346 - Norway

A806186 - Summerland In Telemark

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