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Project: The Netherlands

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tdbiii - U55700
The Netherlands

Brief History of the Netherlands
Dutch, pronounciation and handy phrases
The Dutch
Getting around in The Netherlands

I want to give some accurate information about The Netherlands. I want to cover the Geography, the Topology and a Brief History of The Netherlands. In the Geography I will cover groundtypes, rivers, dykes, etc. In Topology I want to cover where the main cities/towns are, rivers, roads, demology etc. The Brief History will be a short summary of the History from Charles the Great via via William of Orange via Napoleon through to now.
I also want to have a small introduction to the Dutch language. How to pronounce the letters, and some handy phrases, words.
I also want to add an entry about the Dutch (people) we/they have many interesting/strange habits, ways of life etc. that are good to know about.
And lastly there is an entry about The Netherlands already in the Guide. This is mostly about transportation in The Netherlands (and not really about the Netherlands at all). I think that entry should be edited into an entry about transportation in The Netherlands.
I know this seems like a lot but bear in mind that The Netherlands is quite small.

I want to start today. (21 may 2001)

I will think I will be done by the end of june.

Project: The Netherlands

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Excellent, sounds great - Thanks! I've just added you to the current projects list and the Uni egroup. Please feel free to start today, whilst you're all enthusiastic!

Best wishes Peta smiley - smiley

Project: The Netherlands

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I have already begun with Dutch, I was sure you would approve...
smiley - winkeye

Project: The Netherlands

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It's possible that some of the Dutch pages using Dutch language may be moderated. Can you make a note of all of the A numbers of the pages and email them to me via the University egroup. That way I can make sure that none of them are removed, okay? Just in case!


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Project: The Netherlands - Complete

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Researcher: tdbiii - U55700
Project Page: A562916 - The Netherlands

A227378 - The Netherlands: Introduction
A564112 - Topography
A576687 - Facts and Figures
A564185 - Polders and Dykes
A576885 - The Dutch National Anthem
A562646 - Dutch - the Language
A564086 - Dutch Pronunciation
A564095 - Dutch Grammar
A567957 - Handy Dutch Phrases
A564617 - The Dutch
A572546 - Transportation in the Netherlands


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