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TRiG, possible lift with us?

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TRiG, assuming we go by van; if you want, we could take you along too. Any other Irish hooters thinking of going?

Depends on P being able to fit it in round his work schedule of course; but that's not usually a problem, so long as he gets enough notice.

Can't discuss it with him right now, he's in Scandinavia/Germany somewhere seeing his family & climbing glaciers!smiley - rolleyes but will do a bit of Dominance on him when he gets back!smiley - evilgrin


TRiG, possible lift with us?

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Malabarista - now with added pony

Could I hitch a ride with you, too, if I'm ghostsitting then? smiley - whistle

TRiG, possible lift with us?

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Sho - employed again!

oh oh oh I hope you can all come over.
smiley - cool

TRiG, possible lift with us?

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Hi Mal, assuming P agrees to do the driving, rather than fly there, i would think we can pack the van full of hooters & smiley - ghost can just float around!

But he's incommunicado right now; however, i reckon he owes me a holiday, since he's been away two weeks, leaving me to sort out rabid donkeys, sick sheep, snow etc....smiley - evilgrin

He Has Been Informed of my plot by email.


Mal, TRig,Gnomon, possible lift with us?

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Just noticed there is Gnomon from Ireland also; would he be interested?

Assuming i can get P to agree, that would be P, me, Mal & Gnomon.

It's a Mercedes Vito with mattress in the back; red, obviously, since Ireland seems to have cornered the market in red vans.

P is a good, safe driver, he travels all round Ireland & never had an accident.

There may be a smiley - dog also; depends if she's got her passport through by then.


Mal, TRig,Gnomon, possible lift with us?

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aka Bel - A87832164

Gnomon has already booked his flights, and I'm not sure he's subscribed to this thread?

Mal, TRig,Gnomon, possible lift with us?

Post 7

Gnomon - time to move on

I've already booked my flights, thanks, Terri.

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