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Did you forget about me?

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The Corrupt One (MIA)

Sorry to bother you, but did you forget that I'm working on a project as well? It's at http://www.h2g2.com/A411517, I've been working on it for about 3 weeks now, and I haven't been listed in the Halls Of Residence.
Just to let you know that I'm out there...smiley - smiley

Did you forget about me?

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Lord Lunatic

Well maybe nobody likes yousmiley - smiley. Just kiddin', you should spice it up alitte. Do somthing outragous! Pritty much make them talk about you. But remember your not the center of the universe!

Did you forget about me?

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Demon Drawer

Shame hopefully some one will sort it out shortly. I'm left a note in the Dean's pigeon hole.

Did you forget about me?

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Jamie of the Portacabin

Who *is* the Dean exactly? And another thing I've always wondered - what does a Dean actually *do*?

Did you forget about me?

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I'm sorry that you've been working away un-noticed/un-credited. I'm back at work next week, but I'll bring someone's attention to it before then.. Apologies.

Who's the Dean? Good question. Well Abi and I are running the scheme, so I guess we are, Ooo do you think we can get a snazzy office, some robes and a big officious looking office clock now? Maybe not, I guess we're happy with the lava lamp and the constant flow of rock music... I guess we were never really cut out for Deanship... smiley - winkeye

Anyway once again sorry for not adding you on The Corrupt One, and thanks for bringing this posting to our attention DD.. smiley - smiley

Did you forget about me?

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Demon Drawer

You could be based on the deans of the new universities (ie the ex-polys) our Dean was quite hip from what I remember.

Did you forget about me?

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I am undating the Halls of Residence page this afternoon. Many apologies for the ommission! smiley - smiley

Did you forget about me?

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Demon Drawer

Undating, I didn't know you two were an item. smiley - smiley

Oh you meant updating. smiley - winkeye

Did you forget about me?

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The Corrupt One (MIA)

Thanks a million for getting that cleared up so fast!
smiley - winkeye

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Researcher: U143865 – The Corrupt One

Project Page: A411517 Animation

A414730 The History Of Animation
A418718 The Production Process of Animation
A422768 Rules of Cartoons
A434756 Futurama
A1928054 Futurama - the animated series

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Did you forget about me?

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