A Conversation for Human primitivity- The Nightclub Observations

Vey nice but....

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Hi Bernie

Liked your "entry".....phnarr phnarr smiley - winkeye

Just a couple of suggestions for you.

First of all, I thought there might have been a little bit of over-reliance on the whole concept of horse-related pornography. To the naive reader, it might appear that you have something of a hang-up about the equine species.

Secondly, did I detect a hint of bitterness in your concluding remarks ? Do you not pull very often in clubs ? I would suggest that you modify these passages (phnarr phnarr) to remove any lingering doubts as to your motivation in writing this entry.

Best wishes and smiley - discosmiley - discosmiley - disco

Be seeing you

Vey nice but....

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Horse pornography has no real attraction to me, but it seems to be typical of the rubbish you find on the internet. For example, if you try and get information on the Refugia Hypothesis of Amazon speciation, you get very few entries of a search engine, but if you type in "Lesbian Dolphins" you get quite a few more. (Lesbian Dolphins have been observed in nature, and this little gem was discovered by a biologist friend of mine looking into animal behaviour)

As to the whole failing to pull in clubs, well, there isn't any real bitterness to it, but It has been noticed in others as well, as when I visit a nightclub I consider it less of a pulling oppertunity and more of a safari, observing human youths in the wild. I may write a follow-up entry on human male pack-hunting on the dancefloor.

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