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date of visit: late September 2005
Staff = very good, considering.
Facilities - don't expect to be able to use the showers much - water pressure seems dodgy throughout the day; staff say this is normal for Edinburgh; it is normal where I live but we have discovered power showers.
Food - my partner was ill an hour or so after breakfast.(possibly by eating the food that had been reheated from the previous day)
The fried eggs were hard, when we asked for a softer one we were told that the "chef" couldn't do it as it was a machine that cooked the eggs!

Summary - the hotel is vastly overpriced for what it offers. Next time I visit that part of the world I will stay somewhere like the Queensferry Motel and get a taxi into Edinburgh.
In my opinion, the place is overpriced - it would certainly not last long in most of the places I have worked over the last several years.

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