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Tron 2.0 - the new game

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isn't this new Tron 2.0 game pretty darn awesome?! I like it, especially the way you find out that you have died - the game over screen alone is worth the playing . . .
Has anyone of you who played the demo so far figured out a good way to block the discs? I always pull up the block either to early or too late and get smacked right in the face (which brings me to this lovely game over screen). Do you have any hints or tricks?

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Tron 2.0 - the new game

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Yes. I have played the game and agree.


I block the discs just as the other disc approaches me. It does take a lot of practice however, so take advantage of the training arena. I find it is sometimes best to dodge the disc and throw yours at the same time, that way the opponent has nothing to block with.

The game is wonderful in its complexity. The idea of having to use energy to retrieve info from archive bins is great and I love light cycle riding!

I also like the idea that Ma3a refers to your character as "Alan Two", that's very nice.

The Monolith engine that runs it is certainly good. I first played with it on No-One Lives Forever and the sequel. It's a great engine.

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