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This is in response to “Why you lose at roulette”.
The analysis is “on surface”. For far deeper analysis, I recommend the following sites:
[URL removed by moderator]
It presents two free winning roulette systems, based on mathematics.
[URL removed by moderator]“The James Bond roulette system in the Taliban Desert”
[URL removed by moderator]“FFG, probability, odds, house edge, payouts, dart roulette”

The entire text can’t be printed here. Just an excerpt:

“After my newsgroup postings on the bureaucratic odds I received more messages on my software and systems. The “trigger” was my usage of the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) and how random numbers repeat.
FFG undeniably shows that in 50% of the cases, the numbers repeat after a number of tries (draws, spins, hands, tosses, etc.) LESS THAN/EQUAL TO the probability median. The probability median is calculated as the number of trials N for a degree of certainty DC=50%. Furthermore, FFG shows that only a limited number of favorable outcomes shows up within total number of possible outcomes. I used two examples in my posting: roulette (straight-up bet) and pick-3 (straight combination). Math-savvy readers realize that the “repeat bias” calculated by FFG can be of sizable advantage to the player. Accordingly, some ask me for a sure-fire winning system. I received an interesting message on…dart! I never played that game. It seems that dart can be used as makeshift roulette!…”
In 00-roulette, 32 UNIQUE numbers (85%) show up in the last 38x2=76 spins. In happens ~90% of the time! Draw your conclusion…

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