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Queen - The Platinum Collection

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So here I am, just having delicately unpacked Queen - The Platinum Collection, a present for my dad, who I owe everything in the realm of my Queen fanaticism to, for being a fan in the first place, just 'testing' it out smiley - winkeye and I thought I'd post on h2g2 about it smiley - smiley

Its 3 CDs - Greatist Hits I, II and III. If you're wondering, yes, it is in a platinum collectors edition box set smiley - smiley.

It sounds as though its been 'digitally remastered', but maybe thats just the quality of Queen mixed in with the crystal clear standard you get with CDs.

If you're a Queen fan, and you have about £20 to spare, or you know someone who is a big Queen fan, and who doesn't have (m)any Queen CDs, this would be an excellent Chrismas smiley - giftsmiley - smiley

I thought that seeing as I've 'permanently borrowed' (smiley - winkeye) some of his Queen Tapes, he could do with the songs back, in great quality on CD smiley - smiley

He doesn't have any CDs of Queen anyway, only crackly old cassette tapes, and maybe I'll get a car for my 18th because of this. smiley - smiley I'm just glad that I'll be getting a CD Writer drive soon smiley - winkeye

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Queen - The Platinum Collection

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