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Happy Birthday To Ya!

As another year whizzes around,

Faster then the speed of sound.

'Will you write a poem, please?' asks Bel.

'I shall try,' says I, 'to do it well.'

It's been a busy time all year,

With new up-grades being very near.

Nick Reynolds popped in for a cuppa tea,

As he chatted in threads with you and me!

As 'Our Nats' moved across the corridor,

We were soon to find out even more.

Our Derek, Delboy - Oh, what a ham!

He's now been revealed to be 'Our Sam'!

In true HooToo fashion, he could not leave,

Wearing his love for us upon his sleeve.

Now, be patient and give him time,

Not everything here comes with a rhyme.

Sam nabbed a temp for the Summer -

Garuda Jones; he proved not to be dummer.

Try as we might, he could not stay,

After six weeks he slipped away.

Then along came Zelmo-Zale!

He was blown in with the Autumn gale.

We wish him well and keep him hearty,

Another excuse for a HooToo Paaarrrty!

So 'All Change' with our lot,

We have survived MOTs and Gunpowder Plot!

Time now to raise our glasses and then...

Wish Happy Birthday, the Post is now TEN!

Poetry by lil


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The Post 10th birthday banner as designed by Tavaron

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