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Whoami - iD dislikes punctuation

As I see it, for simple flamings, the ACEs are charged with trying to calm down and resolve situations. This is particularly demonstrated by the Tuesday, September 11th Talking Point which was dealt with well overall.

Why a mass community vote for the Arbiters? Surely this would purely result in the Researchers who have made friends with those concerned with the idea getting appointed? Maybe a poll on the h2g2 volunteer Y!Groups would be more appropriate, as it would involve members of the community who we know to be reasonably decent. Also, there wouldn't be the same possibility of vote-rigging this way (ie signing up especially to vote).

Thirdly, why nine months or pre-BBC? I was around pre-BBC but forgot who I was, so returned 6 or 7 months ago as a newbie, learning from scratch. Now, I am an ACE, Scout, Sub and Guru and do my best to be friendly and nice at all times. I agree perhaps that the italics should not be the only ones to appoint people, but they're nice people and I don't see what you exactly have against them. The closure of the moderation helpdesk was perhaps a bit off, though. Moderators do make mistakes, mainly becuase they aren't always in tune with the community and have no business with contextual discretion. An arbiter should be able to help out Peta and Abi etc. with moderation queries, surely?

I like the idea in general, and feel that it's something I can see my self doing. If done tactfully, it wouldn't damage a Researcher, and there's no reason why an Arbiter need choose a side, he/she could simply take a 'give-a-little, both of you' angle on it.

I'm not sure what you mean about the 'liaison with the italics' bit. Does it mean that because my other volunteer schemes involve talking to the nice people at the Towers excluide me as a potential Arbiter? I hope not - why should welcoming people or gettig involved in Peer Review at an official level mean that I'm in any less of a position to be a good Arbiter? And what's to stop me using another U for my Arbitration if it is deemed necessary?

Also, be aware of the danger that Arbiters are seen as the police force of h2g2. This is what happened to the moderators, and menat that they couldn't show their face on h2g2, even if they wanted to. Their powers should be adequate, but not excessive, and open for criticism. Maybe a friendlier name, that gives more of a 'helping' feel rather than the 'break it up' feel of 'arbiter?

Hope these points give people a little food for thought. Feel free to agree, or to disagree (nicely)!


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