Redemption, the Second

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What is this strange thing they call 'love' worth?

'It all began with the First Crusade. Baudouin becomes the first king of Jerusalem, establishing a Christian kingdom in the Holy Land. The Muslims, though seriously down, are still in the game. Holding Jerusalem is not the same as conquering Palestine so, as you can see, life was not exactly easy for the Crusaders, especially not for the Pilgrims who could roam Jerusalem freely, but only if they made it through hundreds of miles of Muslim territory.

'In 1118, nine men led by Hugues de Payns arrive and set up the core of an order of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Jesus Christ. A religious order, but a fighting one, nonetheless. They take the three classic vows; poverty, chastity, and obedience, as well as a fourth: defense of pilgrims.

'Everyone contributes money to them...

I interrupted.

'Yes, everyone. The king, the bishop, everyone; they all contribute as much money as they are able. The knights are given free lodging and, later, they are given the Temple of Solomon to use as their main headquarters, thus the name, the Knights of the Temple, or the Knights Templar.'

'This is quite lovely a history lesson you’re giving me.'

I said
'But at the moment I feel like I have to vomit. My head is spinning, my stomach is churning, and I'm seeing double.'

'Stop complaining. This lovely history lesson, as you put it, is leading up to a discovery I have made, and it is important you understand the history before I can share my findings.

'It catches on so quickly in Europe,' he continued, 'that the Templar become an immense power in the matter of half a century.

'Yossarian I thi... Yossarian! Wake up!'

So I had fallen asleep. What can I say? I guess I just didn't care... not then, at least. Soon, though, it would engulf my life, my thoughts, and my dreams. There was no escaping after that. I had been doomed the second I became interested. Looking back, I probably should have told the Shed to shove off. But, being the adorably nice guy that I am, I tried to be polite and began to follow his words.

I used to have this theory that being especially nice was not a very good thing. If anything proved me right, it was definitely the Knights Templar.

To be Continued...

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