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The acronym is a collection of letters (much like the abbreviation) which strive to shorten a sentence or conversation.
"The AF wants the DB ASAP." - translation - The Air Force wants the Data Base As Soon As Possible (and mind you this one is easy - not too many acronyms).
Many acronyms can be pronounced as words. Is is equally valid to say A.S.A.P. or A-sap (like a-limb). The United States Government appears to be quite taken with this form of communication (or non-communication). There are entire departments whose sole purpose is to make up these annoyances.
"The DoD with the AF and the USMC use the CDRL process to definitize per telephonic conversation." Please note that frequently the letters lost in the use of the acronym find themselves stuck in an overly long made up word (definitize - define).
It has been suggested that the use of acronyms and overly long made up words, actually cause the entire structure of most governments to function...much like Newtons third law of motion.

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