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Sir James Paul McCartney MBE is a singer/songwriter and musician, but he is also a composer of large-scale works as well as being a poet and activist. He is largely credited with the transformation of 1950s rock and roll into the modern rock and pop genres, in particular through his work with 1960s band The Beatles, considered by many to be the best and most influential band of all time.

Mama`s Little Boy

Paul McCartney was born on 18 June, 1942 in Walton Hospital in Liverpool, where his mum worked as a nurse and because she did, she was able to give birth to him in one of the private wards. As children Paul and his brother Mike McCartney1, who was born the following year, were christened Roman Catholic. The family moved house several times when the children were little, before settling in a small terraced property on Forthlin Road.

The music lessons were awful; they consisted solely of the teacher leaving us in a room to listen to music. The students used to turn it down and tell jokes.
- Paul McCartney

At school and at home the children of the McCartney household were surrounded by music. However, unlike the music lessons at school that did nothing to help McCartney become the legend he is today, McCartney’s home life was very encouraging where music was concerned. As a child, McCartney was given a trumpet by his father and learnt the piano alongside his brother under the supervision of their self-taught piano and clarinet playing father, Jim McCartney, who played in a jazz band in the evenings. It wasn't long until these instruments were shelved, but it was still clear McCartney had music in his blood. McCartney wrote several songs when he was a child including three for his mother who died due to breast cancer when Paul was just 14. The song 'Let It Be' is reflective of his love for his mother.

When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me.
- Let it Be lyrics - The Beatles

After his mother's death Paul McCartney persuaded his father to buy him his first guitar, a £15 Zenith acoustic guitar, which he used to imitate American R and B music on and create the very first Beatle's songs with a little help from John Lennon who he met in 1957 at St. Peter's Church Fete, Woolton, Liverpool.

Somebody said to me, 'But the Beatles were anti-materialistic.' That's a huge myth. John and I literally used to sit down and say, 'Now, let's write a swimming pool'.
- Paul McCartney

The two became very supportive of one another not only through their music but helping each other to grieve for the death of their mothers. They often went over to one another’s houses to work on their creative talent for music and helped complete each other’s work, which continued right into their careers as the Beatles. Together John Lennon and Paul McCartney made up the Lennon-McCartney brand. Before The Beatles McCartney joined Lennon’s band the Quarrymen and they appeared as 'The Nerk Twins' on April 23 and 24, 1960, at the Fox and Hounds, Caversham, Berkshire.

The Beatles

It was apparent right from the early stages that they had something. The harmonies, the sound, it was excellent. There was something magical.
-- Pete Best

John Lennon was impressed by Paul McCartney so much that he invited him to join his band The Quarry Men. McCartney agreed and brought along George Harrison who later joined the group full time. Paul McCartney and George Harrison both attended Liverpool Institute School as children, but as Paul was two years older than George they only knew each other because they caught the same school bus together. George looked up to and admired the older McCartney very much and their friendship grew gradually before Paul asked George to join The Beatles. The Quarry Men originally consisted of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Stuart Sutcliffe.- Ken Brown. When Ken Brown left, Pete Best replaced him, and The Quarry Men changed their name to the Beatles. Pete Best was later replaced by Ringo Starr.


In 1960 the Quarry Men changed their name to The Beatles, a reflection on Buddy Holly's backing group, the Crickets. At first the Beatles played in Hamburg and were regular visitors to the Cavern a nightclub in their home city of Liverpool. One night Brian Epstein was listening to the band play at the Cavern and asked whether he could be their manager. The Beatles agreed and soon Epstein was searching for record companies to sign them up. The Beatles landed an audition with record company Decca on New Years Day in 1962 but they were reluctant to hire them. Then Epstein persuaded Parlophone Records to hire them.

McCartney's Role

McCartney's role within The Beatles was as a singer, pianist, co-writer and when Stuart Sutcliffe left the band in the early 60s, the bass guitarist too. McCartney played the bass guitar left-handed and upside down. McCartney recalls the time when they argued over who was going to play the instrument.

None of us wanted to be the bass player. In our minds he was the fat guy who always played at the back.
- Paul McCartney

Today McCartney is recognised as one of the most creative and influential (self-taught) rock bassists of his time. In his promotion of the electric bass, McCartney has pressured EMI to achieve a better bass sound on the Beatles music tracks.

Paul McCartney revolutionised electric bass-playing. From a thankless treadmill, he transformed it into a nimble, witty and eloquent force. Fair play to you, Paul.
Guitar Heroes

Over the years McCartney has been influenced by several people, through his work as a campaigner and as a musician. Musicians that are particularly note worthy to influencing McCartney are Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, while people such as Linda Eastman and Heather Mills have influenced him in regards to campaigning.

Love Me Linda

Linda was there for me all the time. She was comfortable, she was never difficult. She was one of the kindest people.
- Paul McCartney

Although McCartney was the number one pin-up of the Beatles, he was the last Beatle to settle down and get married. One of his former loves was Jane Asher; famous for her cake making, but it was Linda Eastman who he eventually settled down with. The Beatles song 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' was rumoured to be reflective of the love that McCartney held for Linda, but the fact is that they met at the launch party for Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on June 1, 1967, so it could not be true. Two years later the singer and American photographer were happily married2 at Marylebone Registry Office.

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.
- Paul McCartney

McCartney also adopted Linda’s daughter Heather Louise from her first marriage and the couple went on to have three children together, Mary Anna (in 1969), Stella Nina (in 1971) and James Louis (in 1977) all of whom have gone on to appear in their father’s work. James plays the guitar in his father’s latest albums. Mary is the baby on the back cover photograph of her father’s first solo album. Heather is a designer, and appears as a young girl in the Let It Be film and can be heard singing on 'Bungalow Bill' on the White Album. Stella is an award-winning fashion designer and animal rights activist.

Paul is Dead

During McCartney's time in the Beatles he started taking drugs, alongside the others, in the form of Prellies, a type of speed named Phenmetrazine and sold under the name Preludin. Although these drugs enabled them to stay awake all-night, they soon ventured on to harder drugs.

It (LSD) opened my eyes. We only use one-tenth of our brain. Just think of what we could accomplish if we could only tap that hidden part!
- Paul McCartney

Despite taking to drugs and McCartney openly admitting to it in 1967, The Beatles remained a popular band and the publics interest was only intensified in them in 1969 with the urban legend that McCartney had died in a car accident and was replaced by Billy Shears. Although this was not true McCartney was involved in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday 9 November, 1966 and many of the lyrics of the songs The Beatles wrote at that time suggested it to be true.

By the time we made 'Abbey Road', John and I were openly critical of each other's music, and I felt John wasn't much interested in performing anything he hadn't written himself.
- Paul McCartney

To accompany this conspiracy the album Abbey Road was released, which reinforced the ideology that Paul was dead. Later the Paul is dead conspiracy was turned around as McCartney created Paul is Live.

I am alive and well and unconcerned about the rumors of my death. But if I were dead, I would be the last to know.
- Paul McCartney

The Paul is Live album pictured the same setting as the Abbey Road album, only it also pictured McCartney in a suit following a dog across the road. The album was not a huge success and only reached 34 in the hit charts.


I'm the urban spaceman, babe. But here comes the twist. I don't exist.
- I'm the Urban Spaceman(Innes)

During McCartney’s lifetime he has tried out various pseudonyms in order to gauge public reaction before he commits himself to releasing it as his work. In 1967 'I'm the Urban Spaceman' was produced under the name of the Vivian Stanshall's Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band but McCartney was credited as 'Apollo C. Vermouth'. While in 1977 an orchestral version of Ram was created under the name Percy 'Thrills' Thrillington and in the 1990’s he used the name The Fireman. McCartney even tried out the name Paul Ramone while a part of the Beatles before making it clear he was Paul McCartney. Then in 2005 he used the name Twin Freaks to trial some music he did with bootleg producer and remixer Freelance Hellraiser.

Big Boys Bickering

We got fed up with being side men for Paul, after Brian died that's what began to happen to us you know ... after Brian died we collapsed. Paul took over and supposedly led us, but what is leading us when we went around in circles. We broke up then.
- Lennon for Rolling Stone magazine (1970)

In 1969, despite obvious signs that the band was falling apart, he attempted to convince The Beatles to return to the stage, suggesting the Get Back project, which evolved into their valedictory film and album Let It Be. Although McCartney hoped it might revive them, the film made it obvious that the band was done as a creative force and that bickering, jealousy and the pressures of being The Beatles had driven the four musicians apart.

Too Many People

Paul had the impression we should be thankful for what he did, for keeping The Beatles going. But he kept it going for his own sake. Not for my sake did Paul struggle.
- John Lennon for Rolling Stones Magazine

With the break up of The Beatles officially anounced on 10 April, 1970, Paul launched his album McCartney which featured him playing all the instruments and the vocals except for the backing singing which was done by his wife Linda, who also toured with McCartney. Linda McCartney was greatly criticised by the press, for accompanying her husband in the creation of the album. The 'McCartney' album featured two big hits for Paul; Maybe I’m Amazed and Every Night, which was later covered by Phoebe Snow.

A year later, Paul put out the stand-alone single Another Day/Oh Woman, Oh Why and the album Ram. Ram featured the song 'Too Many People', which was suggested to be a stab at former band-mate John Lennon, who retaliated with the brutally cruel 'How Do You Sleep'. McCartney responded with 'Dear Friend' and 'Let Me Roll It'.

When The Beatles finished at the end of the 60s it was such a shock to my system. Besides being out of work, to my mind I'd lost one of the greatest jobs in the world and suddenly there I was, feeling totally redundant,
- Paul McCartney

Although to the public it appeared that McCartney was coping with the breakup of the Beatles well, underneath this façade however was a man that was close to a nervous breakdown, he struggled to get up in the mornings and often drank his way through the night and slept through the daytime.

I realised that I just loved music too much to stop doing it. But then I realised that if I carried on I would have to try to follow The Beatles - and that was the hardest act to follow.
- Paul McCartney

To get out of this frame of mind McCartney and his family visited High Park Farm near Campbeltown on Kintyre, where McCartney decided to continue working in the music industry and create the band Wings.

I didn’t really want to keep on going as a solo artist, just me and my guitar, so it became obvious that I had to get a band together. Johnny Cash had just come back and he had a band and was touring. Linda and I talked it through and it was like, ‘Yeah, but let’s not put together a super group, let’s go back to square one.
- Paul McCartney

The band remained nameless until one day McCartney was praying for his wife and their baby when an image of wings came into his head and so he named the band wings. The line-up changed a number of times, but originally consisted of Paul (Bass, Lead Vocals), Linda (Piano, Vocals), Denny Laine (Guitar) and Denny Seiwell (Drums).

During Wing’s lifetime the band toured universities and small European venues. They had phenomenal success with the album 'Band on the Run' in 1973. Even John Lennon, who rarely complimented McCartney, reviewed the album saying:

It says 'Wings' but it's Paul McCartney music - which is great stuff.
- John Lennon

The band had several other hit songs including the James Bond theme tune Live or Let Die, Silly Love Songs, With A Little Luck and most famously Mull of Kintyre, which won them an Ivor Novello award for the then best-selling single ever in the UK. The band went on to tour America and then Japan. McCartney took his drug habit with him and ignoring the fact that people were warning him that taking marijuana into the country was a capital offence, got arrested and put in prison.

I was in a little cell, on my own. It took me a few days to get used to it...I was like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape-except I didn’t have the baseball to bounce.
- Paul McCartney

Soon after, the band Wings disintegrated and McCartney was left all alone as a solo artist once more. Not only was he left to mourn the break up of his band, but in 1980 that same year a fellow Beatle was assassinated, his name John Lennon. Lennon and McCartney never did see eye to eye after the break up of The Beatles although relationships had softened at the time Band on the Run was released and they had a jamming session together in March, 1974. Lennon later in life also spoke of how proud he was to have been associated with an artist of McCartney's calibre and there were strong suspicions in his final year that the two of them were planning to collaborate once more. In memory of Lennon, McCartney released the song 'Here Today' that appeared on the album Tug of War.

We All Stand Together

Ebony and Ivory. Live together in perfect harmony.
Side by side on my piano keyboard. Oh Lord, why don't we ?

- Lyrics from the song Ebony and Ivory

During McCartney’s lifetime he has also had the privilege of working with some top artists such as Stevie Wonder on 'Ebony and Ivory' and Michael Jackson with the hits 'The Girl is Mine'. McCartney's relationship with Jackson however was short lived as Jackson bought the Northern Songs catalogue, which covered the publishing rights to numerous Beatle tracks.

Win or lose, sink or swim, One thing is certain we'll never give in, Side by side, hand in hand, we all stand together[I]
- 'We All Stand Together' by Paul McCartney

In 1984 McCartney attained the Freedom of the City Of Liverpool award and his film Give My Regards to Broadstreet premiered in New York, back home though people were becoming disinterested by his work, even the famous frog chorus 'We All Stand Together' from the Rupert Bear film was first met with little success. The Prince's Trust concert was also cancelled during this year due to the scheduling of Live Aid where McCartney sang 'Let it Be' and 'Hey Jude', which was broadcast live on the BBC.

In animation it's good to have a bit of a childlike quality about yourself and that's just something that's in me.
- Paul McCartney

In 1986 things started looking up for McCartney, as Rupert And The Frog Song won an award as the best selling video of 1985 and McCartney achieved the American Music Awards' Award Of Merit and was inducted into the Guinness Hall Of Fame. In the following year his album All The Best went Platinum in three days and his single 'Once Upon A Long Ago' made the Top 10.

Other recipients of honorary awards from Sussex include Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop; TV presenter Sir David Frost; ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney; playwrights Tom Stoppard and Harold Pinter; political cartoonist Steve Bell; hostage-survivor Terry Waite; composer Sir Harrison Birtwistle; the sculptor Henry Moore and pianist Alfred Brendel.
- Sussex University

Then in 1988 McCartney became the first person from the West to release an album exclusively in Russia. He also picked up an honorary doctorate by Sussex University and the Music Therapy's Silver Clef award. He returned his gratitude by singing to autistic children in the BBC documentary The Power of Music.

McCartney's determination to carry on in the music industry led to 'The Paul McCartney World Tour' in 1989 and created 'Flowers In The Dirt' with Elvis Costello. Audience enthusiasm for McCartney picked up and people raved about the 1989 hit 'Veronica and My Brave Face'. That same year, McCartney took over from Margaret Thatcher appearing on a live phone-in with Russian fans on the BBC World Service.


McCartney is also capable of composing and playing classical music. His first full-length work, Liverpool Oratorio, which he co-wrote with Carl Davis, premiered at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral in 1991. Today Liverpool Oratorio has played over 100 performances and has even been released on album. Liverpool Oratorio also featured on MTV and in memory of that performance McCartney released the limited edition album Unplugged: The Official Bootleg before launching a new MTV series called Up Close in 1992.

1992 also saw McCartney achieve the world's first Swedish Polar Music Award, a Nobel-prize for music and reveal his animated short film Daumier's Law, at the Cannes Film Festival, which he co-produced and composed the score for. Daumier's Law received a BAFTA award for the best short animated film at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards.

In 1993 McCartney embarked on 'The New World Tour' and during this tour he set a few more world records to go alongside the 1990s world record of the biggest stadium crowd in history (184,000), in Rio. These world records were for 20,000 tickets for two arena shows sell out in eight minutes; and Broadcast Music Inc. officially announces that 'Yesterday' has passed its six millionth USA airplay, making it the most-played song on radio.

All those years we played together, you know it's somehow, it's made a very deep groove in our memories, and it doesn't take much to lock in.
- George Harrison

The remaining Beatles joined forces again in 1994 to release their Anthology of Beatles songs, which was later published in 8 different languages and sold worldwide. There were three albums all together that were released over the years and although Lennon was missing from the line up he was still very much alive through the music. Sadly McCartney and Lennon’s later wife Yoko Ono were brought into a feud over the Anthology for McCartney desired to change the credits from the traditional 'Lennon-McCartney' to 'Paul McCartney and John Lennon' as he believed he did the most work. Finally, McCartney had to back down as his fellow Beatles members agreed with Yoko in keeping the traditional.

During the following year McCartney was again kept busy with his appearance on The Simpsons, with his former wife Linda, trying to convince Lisa Simpson to take up being a vegetarian. He also appeared in Remember Live Aid a BBC radio play and took part in a 15 part series radio show in America called Oobu Joobu. As if this wasn’t enough, Paul’s solo piano piece A Leaf is composed which world premiered at a charity concert organised by him. After seeing McCartney’s musical talent for himself the Prince of Wales awarded McCartney with the title Fellow Of The Royal College Of Music. He also exhibited his film Grateful Dead: A Photofilm at the London Film Festival.

Since we have been able to do LIPA we have managed to educate a lot of kids in performing arts who have then gone forward into the world.
- Paul McCartney

With the arrival of 1996, the McCartney’s (Paul and Linda) achieved a special award for their work in promoting animal care by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. McCartney also became Sir Paul McCartney on New Years Eve as he was knighted by HM The Queen for services to music and that same year he opened the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts which stands on the site where he and Harrison went to school. Through the Institute McCartney hopes to give the children a better musical education than he had and often visits the students and teaches them songwriting skills.

1997 also was a hectic year for McCartney with interviews with Oprah and Sir David Frost, recording a public service announcement against drink-driving and headlining a charity concert in order to benefit people in Montserrat. That same year McCartney also achieved the prestigious Q Magazine award as Songwriter of the Year for 'Flaming Pie'.

She never complained and always hoped to conquer it. It was not to be.
- Paul McCartney

Sadly in April 1998 McCartney’s former wife Linda (Eastman) McCartney passed away, after a long battle with breast cancer, at the McCartney family's Arizona estate. In tribute to her McCartney later released the album A Garland for Linda in 2000 to raise awareness and money for breast cancer and a concert was laid on in April 1999 celebrating her life.

Whenever anyone you care about dies, you wish you'd been perfect all the time. I wasn't. That made me feel very guilty after Linda died.
- Paul McCartney

During 1999, McCartney was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist, supported the Free Tibet campaign by speaking out in protest against the imprisonment of political prisoners and continued to support other charities. 1999 was also the year when he said goodbye officially to his former wife Linda, by making an unscheduled performance at the Royal Albert Hall at the rock tribute to her organised by Chrissie Hynde and moved on in life creating a relationship with Heather Mills whom he had worked with on a charity single, which raised money for children who had lost limbs in war zones. McCartney alsoreturned to Abbey Road Studios this time to create a rock and roll album in tribute to all rock and roll heroes. He was also voted ‘The Composer of the Millennium’ in a poll conducted by the BBC and pledged that Linda McCartney products would be free from GM ingredients.

The only time I ever wrote a poem at school was to try and get one published in the school magazine. I entered it and it was rejected - so after that I got into writing songs instead.
- Paul McCartney

McCartney is obviously an artist of words but how many people knew he painted on canvas too? Primarily, his painting skills were for his eyes only, but as of April 1999, McCartney had his work displayed for the first time in Siegen, Germany, where it was greatly admired. McCartney went on to release a poetry anthology entitled Blackbird Singing in memory of his former wife Linda McCartney.

Letting Go

In 2001, McCartney released Wingspan: Hits and History, which traced his past and brought viewers right up to the present day on his life. McCartney also threw a tea party at Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew that year where scarves with designs made by his former wife in 1998 went on sale. McCartney also held a few recitals of his anthology, launched the new British charity
Adopt a Minefield and attended the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of his animated film Tuesday. McCartney also won the prize for TOTP Hall of Fame, played at the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize, gave a performance at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford and received the 2001 Arts Award at the Men Against Violence world awards in Vienna. That same year, Amnesty International presented Paul with a special award, which recognises his lifetime support for the freedom-fighting organisation and his efforts to try right wrongs through his protest songs such as the 60s black civil rights song 'Blackbird' and Freedom, at a ceremony in New York. Not long after this award McCartney led a post 9/11 tribute to the American heroes at the Super Bowl in New Orleans where he performed 'Freedom'. Later that year he also happened to witness first hand the 9/11 devastation3 and said goodbye to former Beatle George Harrison who passed away on 29 November, 2001.

Touring really has been a lot of fun for us and the audiences have been great, so why stop now?
- Paul McCartney

McCartney's success with his art in Germany encouraged him to showcase his work all over the UK and now it can be seen at various exhibitions throughout the UK including the The Walker Art Gallery, which he opened in 2002 and where he met the Queen after his honeymoon with former Heather Mills. Also in 2002 he was asked by the Isle of Man Post Office to be the first musician to design stamps for them. While his song Vanilla Sky for Cameron Crowe's film of the same name was nominated both for a Golden Globe award and for an Oscar in the best song in a movie category. Also in 2002 he was asked by the Isle of Man Post Office to be the first musician to design stamps for them. While his song Vanilla Sky for Cameron Crowe's film of the same name was nominated both for a Golden Globe award and for an Oscar in the best song in a movie category. Furthermore, despite McCartney's children’s disapproval, McCartney and Mills got married in June, 2002 at 17th Century Castle Leslie in Glaslough, County Monaghan, Ireland.

She is a little beauty and we couldn't be prouder.
- Paul McCartney

A year later McCartney played Red Square, Russia early 2003 and the McCartney's welcomed their child Beatrice Milly, who was born on October 28, 2003, into their lives. In the year that followed, McCartney released the dvd Tropic Island Hum, which showcased several of his animated films.

Headlined Glastonbury festival 2004.

Bob Geldof persuaded McCartney to appear in Live 8 on 2 July 2005. Together the band U2 and McCartney played 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'. McCartney wound up the show with old favourites such as 'Yesterday', 'Hello Goodbye', 'Penny Lane' and 'The Long and Winding Road'. In August McCartney became the new spokesperson for Fidelity Investments. McCartney was the first person on 13 November, 2005 to have a music concert beamed into space. The concert included a new song called 'English Tea' which was produced for McCartney's new album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.

He also has gone on to write a children’s story book called High in the Clouds: An Urban Furry Tail that was released in October 2005 and created short animated films Tropic Island Hum and Tuesday.

When I'm Sixty-four

They say 'we've been doing it for 500 years', but that doesn't make it justifiable.
- Paul McCartney

McCartney turned Sixty Four on 18 June, 2006 and was urged by his children to stay out of the limelight of the press. He also appeared at the 2006 Grammy Awards, created Ecce Cor Meum with a choir from Oxford and went on a seal hunt demonstration with his wife Heather Mills.

Oh Woman Oh Why

They're saying he's not talented, he's not sexy, he's not good-looking, he has absolutely nothing about him except a bank balance.
- Heather Mills

Later that year (on 29 July, 2006) McCartney and Mills publicly announced that after four years of marriage, they were to get divorced. The couple blamed the press for the disintegration of the marriage, although their are rumours of Mills being locked out of the couples house and McCartney being furious that bottles of disinfectant were going missing from the family home. When the divorce happens, it will be carried out with the same lawyers who represented Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Media speculation is rife over the amount that McCartney will have to give his wife, with sums between £50 million and as high as £400 million being mentioned, although Heather has claimed that she is not interested in any money as settlement.


  • Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
  • University Tour, United Kingdom
  • European Tour 1972
  • Charity Concert for 'Release'
  • United Kingdom 1973 (I)
  • United Kingdom 1973 (II)
  • United Kingdom 1975
  • Australian Tour 1975
  • European Tour 1976 (I)
  • American Tour 1976
  • European Tour 1976 (II)
  • 'Wings Over Wembley' Concerts 1976
  • Wings Over the World Tour (1976)
  • United Kingdom 1979
  • Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea
  • Live Aid
  • Prince's Trust 10th Anniversary Party
  • The McCartney World Tour
  • 1991 Surprise Shows
  • Paul McCartney the New World Tour
  • Driving USA Tour
  • Back In The U.S. Tour
  • Driving Mexico
  • Driving Japan
  • Driving Oz
  • Back in the World 2003
  • 04 Summer Tour
  • The US Tour

Solo Career Albums

  • McCartney
  • RAM
  • Wildlife
  • Red Rose Speedway
  • Band on the Run
  • Venus and Mars
  • Wings at the Speed of Sound
  • Back To The Egg
  • McCartney II
  • Tug Of War
  • Pipes of Peace
  • Give my regards to broadstreet
  • Press to play
  • All the best
  • Choba
  • Flowers in the dirt
  • Tripping the Live Fantastic
  • Tripping the Live Fantastic – Highlights
  • Unplugged (the official bootleg)
  • Paul McCartney`s Liverpool Oratorio
  • Selections from Paul McCartney`s Liverpool Oratorio
  • Off the Ground
  • Paul is Live
  • Strawberries, Oceans, Ships, Forest
  • Flaming Pie
  • Standing Stone
  • Rushes
  • Band On The Run (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • Run Devil Run
  • Working Classical
  • Liverpool Sound Collage
  • Wingspan
  • Driving Rain
  • Back in the US
  • Back in the World
  • Chaos and Creation ijn the Backyard
1Mike McCartney later became a photographer, poet and the lead singer of the 1960s band, The Scaffold.2The couple never divorced and were only away from each other less than a week during their entire marriage.3McCartney took a lead role in playing at the concert that celebrated the resilience and pride of New York and America in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

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