A Conversation for Reasons for the 2009 Postal Dispute from a CWU rep.

Back to the 70's, where's Arthur Scargill?

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This seems so like the NUM miner's strike way back, bl**dy Maggie won that one, maybe these days hopefully with internet access, TB/GB won't win this one.

My Postman came today, we live in an isolated lane, hard for a van to get up, in rural Ireland, he's an oldish guy; the dog is fierce, yet he greets me with a big smile "Hiya, how are you today T?"

In "less modern" times, the Postie & Milkman were a sort of social service, keeping an eye on folk. I think that side of things should be taken into account, especially since the "official" Social Services seem to be unable to cope with their workload.

Rural Post offices closing down often mean in small places, there is actually *nowhere* for folk with little access to transport to do very much at all.

In France, if you are on benefits, the only bank you can actually collect them from is La Poste, so WTF happens if they shut that down?

smiley - goodluck; i'm with you all the way, got some stickers today "Get up, stand up"


I liked the last statement on their letter:

"In five years time will you say 'I allowed this to happen' or will you do something about it?"


Back to the 70's, where's Arthur Scargill?

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Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

well it is hugely worrying at the moment. I do wonder if Mandleson see's this as his "Miners moment" and many of us in the movement wonder if he is principally trying to position himself for a job under the tories.


Back to the 70's, where's Arthur Scargill?

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What colour is his tongue?smiley - evilgrin


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