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Well, I've just read through the whole project. It looks good. I wonder if it's possible in one of these entries to mention 'Smart Drugs' like Piracetam that are supposed to enhance intelligence. It didn't do a thing for me, but there's some powerful testimonial evidence out there. Or maybe we should get a couple more researches to volunteer as guinea pigs and take some... smiley - winkeye

How is 'the ability to get what you want' for a functional definition of human intelligence? Or maybe not... This is probably a question that should be argued out by several people to get a feel for the different major usages of the word. I could ask around, maybe?


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I prefer the russian ai researcher's definition of answering intelligent questions intelligently, and will keep it until someone comes up with a better one.

Your suggestion of "the ability to get what you want" has an intelligence component to it, so you can see the path, but it is mainly about how good you are at manipulating people.

As regards "smart drugs", the reason that we don't have anything about them is that I have yet to hear of one that has anything but anecdotal evidence of working. I am not saying that they are impossible, only that there have not yet been any evidence of success in using artificial means to enhance intelligence (unless you include listening to classical music, especially mozart, which seems to work, but we don't know why or for how long).

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