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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

I have been working on two entries which may be relevant to this one. A632279 Peace Dancing, which has been recommended and A647426 The Quaker Peace Testament, which is still in progress.

The Quakers received the Nobel Peace Prize after WW2 for their work. Many Quakers were imprisoned as conscientious objectors during both World Wars and were vilified generally for the stand they took. In fact, Quakers have had a lot to do with prisons, having been imprisoned throughout a lot of history and Quakers also had much to do with seeking improvements in the treatment of prisoners.

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you might want to include a footnote explaining what "syncretistic" means.

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Vintermann (VnnMint's updated name)

Thanks a lot friend, I'll get around to adding links to them ... eventually. I'm sorry that this article takes its time getting off the ground.

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Vintermann (VnnMint's updated name)

'Buddha demanded from his followers absolute abstention from any act of violence toward our fellow creatures.'

That was a pretty direct quote from the encyclopedia britannica, and - they're good you know. Demand, well, I could perhaps change it to expected if you like.

As to reincarnation and karma, it's very much a fundamental in eastern (that is, hinduistic and buddhistic!) religions. It's not argued at all as far as I've seen, and although some sources I have say that the Buddha denied the existence of a soul/separate self, I think I'll let it stand, because it's definitively ... at the core, even if it's not all there is to it. Let's see what I can do...

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Vintermann (VnnMint's updated name)

Zarquon - I'd like to read that article, I attended a quaker meeting when I lived in Oslo. Just that right now I have to go home smiley - smiley

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Hey, its your article smiley - smiley And who am I to disagree with the Encyclopedia Britannica?

Its just that in all the translations of the talks attributed to Buddha, that I have read, nowhere is the word, 'demanded' evident..

And I agree that in most of the religions of the East, and even in early Christianity, the notion of metempsychosis was/is an accepted part of the dogma.

But again, in the core texts of the Buddha, and from the Ch'an masters, and many, many others, it is quite clear that karma/reincarnation is/are considered illusory.

I did want to point out to you the 'concept' of 'monistic idealism', in which, to put it simplistically, all 'separate' beings are really 'parts' of a universal consciousness. It would follow from this notion that pacifism was a very good idea.....

Just another suggestion, and not in any way to be considered a critism of your excellent article.

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Vintermann (VnnMint's updated name)

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Vintermann (VnnMint's updated name)

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