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I think this might turn into a bit of a rant

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So, what are the most aggravating aspects of 21st century living, and how do we deal with them?

The lack of politeness in society anywhere, the lack of community, the total me me me attitude of people, lack of service anywhere and everywhere. How hard is it to say please and thank you?

Do you miss the days when the whole family gathered around the TV for those weekly highlights?

Not really no. I miss quality tv though. It comes to something when the best thing on television was made over 25 years ago and it is the re run of a re run!

Is modern noise pollution making you see red on your daily commute? Yes. if I wanted to listen to thrash metal, I would load some on my own personal stereo and listen to it. Oh, and there is a clue in the title PERSONAL stereo!! (Okay, I know they are all MP3 players these days, but you get my point!)

Do you bemoan the state of the written word and the rise of the text abbreviation? Could we ever return to the age of letters?
I tell you what really winds me up... signs that are incorrectly spelled, and not with any sense of irony or pun intended. It shows ignorance. And do not get me started on the sorry state of the use of apostrophes!

Has the mobile phone removed any trace of civilised behaviour from the planet?
No, I don't think it was the mobile phone that did it. I think it was society buying into the message that materialism was the thing to do and the best way to be. Once that happened, the whole of society started being insular and stopped thinking about the wider community around them.

Ever wish you were following a shire horse across a field instead of a mouse across a desk top?
Regularly. Especially as the effluent from the shire horse can be useful, but what gets spewed out from my computer day after day is rarely of any use whatever! smiley - sadface

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I think this might turn into a bit of a rant

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