Talking Point: Modern Life Is Rubbish

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A call centre
Don't leave me hanging on the telephone
- Debbie Harry

Inappropriate 'holding' music while in a call centre queue; someone's mp3 player whistling in your ear on the bus; the

demise of 'watercooler moments' on TV to talk about; the encroachment of technology into our already stressful lives; the

rise of text English?: yes, modern life can certainly be a bit rubbish.

So, what are the most aggravating aspects of 21st century living, and how do we deal with them?

  • Do you miss the days when the whole family gathered around the TV for those weekly highlights?

  • Is modern noise pollution making you see red on your daily commute?

  • Do you bemoan the state of the written word and the rise of the text abbreviation? Could we ever return to the age of letters?

  • Has the mobile phone removed any trace of civilised behaviour from the planet?

  • Ever wish you were following a shire horse across a field instead of a mouse across a desk top?

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