Ying, Yang, Pfui!

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Ying, Yang, Pfui!

I've had various pundits and mundits and grundits tell me, "What goes around, comes around..."

Which means to them, don't worry about that bothersome person, he'll

get his in the end.

Or they babble about negative Karma.

Which is like talking about someone who eats but has no diet.

My life experiences have been many and varied and often uninterpreted

or badly learned from by an untrained mind.

It has taken me three decades to learn how wrong I can be

and how right others don't want to be.

In the end, I don't care what happens to the bothersome person.

I want them to go home now and the company to stop hiring people

like that.

Otherwise, they will continue to wonder why they have so few

like me.

Now, I know that sounds arrogant, but I feel that a few

efficient people can safely take the place of a plethora

of inefficient people. Same workload, fewer bodies to step over.

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