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I'm confused

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Hi, I joined this h2g2 a couple of months ago and I have no idea what is going on.
Well, I've started, I've set up my personal space and put two entries in my journal. Does my journal just get longer and longer like a long column of text, can I see a list of what entries I have? If not what's the point, soon I will have to do 23 page-downs to find an ancient entry.

And how do I write a guide? I see my personal space has appeared as a guide entry which was a bit of a shock to me. I want to write a guide to reforming mental health in the UK (and elsewhere). A sort of DIY of user involvement to be read by users of mental health services and also by mental health professionals. I already wrote some stuff but what do I do, do I put it in my journal and then try to get someone to read it, or what?

It's 3.35am Christmas morning, what a time to be surfing the web, Dodger: get a life!

Merry mid-winter festival to everyone,

I'm confused

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Archangel Big 'Evil' Dan

Don't worry about overloading on journal entries, only the most recent ones will appear on your page. The rest will be filed away behind a link that says "click here to view more journal entries".

As for adding a guide entry, you just need to click on the "Click here to add a guide entry" link (on the bottom left in Classic Goo, and I think it is on the left margin in Alabaster.) It's probably the best way to make your article readable.

I'm confused

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i'm very confused, this is only my second time I have visited the site and although I have no idea what is going on or what the hell i'm supposed to be doing, I have just realised that I have been on the site for over 3hrs, so something is keeping my interest.Also my visits are now going to be a daily occurance so I can only get better and find out more, i'm also new to computing in general so lots of learning to be done

I'm confused

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The Researcher formally known as Dr St Justin

Hiya! Don't worry - I don't think anyone really knows what's going on! And as for what you're supposed to be doing, that one's easy - enjoying yourself!!! smiley - biggrin

smiley - doctorsmiley - angelJ

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