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Zorkquest series

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This is 30 some odd years after the fact, so most likely nobody cares any more. But only recently, I found the Zorkquest comic book series on YouTube, and, along with those other fans who felt cheated, I was shocked, surprised and disappointed that the series folded in mid-story, ending in a nasty unresolved cliffhanger. I thought I might try to contact the script writer, whose name I choose not to mention, to find out if she had an unused concluding script, so I made a feeble attempt, but to no avail. She probably wants to forget the whole thing anyway. This is the nastiest unresolved cliffhanger I can think of since the single-season 1966-1967 TV series "The Time Tunnel" where two scientists get lost in time and never come back to the present. If anybody out there wants to discuss the Zorkquest series, I guess the only solution is to make up your own conclusion.

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Zorkquest series

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