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The warm sun above,
Let me reach it!
I want it!
I will have it.

I grow tall,
I nearly have it,
Wait! What's that?

The poor blade of grass,
casualty of a lawn mower,
No one stops to think about
the poor blade of grass in the mowed lawn.

~Written 2/2/00


A Trip?
I'm not going on a trip,
For I have already been...

I've been to the stars,
Farther than you'll ever go.
I have seen races you can only imagine,
If I choose to let you...

You say I've never left this planet?
Well you are right, yet so very wrong
I've never physically left

My imagination lets me,
Those stars I long to live among,
Those planets I know exist
That house on the moon...

Way beyond reach?
Only to those who are short of fuel
Fuel of the mind
Or those who aren't open to the idea...

You say I'm crazy
Those who can't see
And those who won't
It is they who are the ones that are truely crazy

~written (date unknown)

I'll add more poetry as I have the time to, and as I feel like sharing it. Please also stop by, and check out Apollo's poem on his page. It's pretty good!

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