A few words on the 43rd President of the USA...

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To start, I am an American. I'm in the San Francsico bay area, on the side of the bay oposite San Fran. My agreement, and support of my country has been slipping slowly, as I've grown up, and started to learn more about how it works, and who really controls it. I'm nearly at the point where I want to tell the whole US constitution, government, and supporters there of to leave me the h**l alone, and quit f*****g up the whole world! *sigh* Having Bush "elected" (I put that in quotes, because I consider that debatable) has just been another blow in the name of backwards, misguidedness, and stupidity everywhere!

Bush did not win the election by popular votes (Gore won that), but due to the technicality of the Electorial Collage, the whole Florida ballot fiasco, and the US court system getting to jump in, and make desisions, we now have what has to be the worse president of the United States of America, as of yet.

He is an obvious business man, and that is not what we need as a leader. He is supossed to be impartial, and a reasonable leader, not someone who holds a grudge against those who didn't help elect him, and certainly not someone out to help his buddies who are trying to distroy America, and take advantages of sistuations just to make money. "Politics" where the top % of the wealthiest people in the country are the ones who are favored, and catered to is not a policy that will stand the test of time. It will crumble down, with the rich b*****ds coming crashing down, and smashing all the people below them, the people who had been holding them up.

Well, that's about it for now... Just remember, America's going to h**l, and George W. Bush is driving the bus! Someone get me off the bus!

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