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Marvellous meal

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Hi smiley - smiley Thank you for sharing your lovely meal with me. You described it so beautifully and you ate and drank with such pleasure that it really made me feel as if I was with you both. Regards AR1 smiley - schooloffish

Marvellous meal

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JJ42 (2^5+(6+6)-2=42)

Hi there AR1

Nice reply and I am glad you enjoyed it.

Food is a bit of a hobby of mine and recently it occurred to me that food, especially cooking it, is like music.
I love cooking and when I serve food that I have enjoyed preparing and arranging I take great pleasure in the reactions of my guests (or often only my wife's reaction as we often are the only ones at the table).

And when I go out to eat I want to sit in a place that leaves room for quiet enjoyment and contemplation. Unless, of course, the idea is to go out with a bunch of friends and the company takes priority over the food.

I don't often come around here these days, I hang out at floor42, but just once in a while I take a peek to see if anything happens and your reply was very welcome.

See you around.

Marvellous meal

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Also ran 1

Hi JJ42,smiley - smiley It was such a long time since I had read about your meal that I was able to enjoy it a second time when I received your letter yesterday!!. My late husband and I used to love both to eat and to cook. He had a marvellous BBQ which he imported from America built on our patio in our house in South Africa which overlooked the Indian Ocean.
Every morning at breakfast we would plan our meal for the evening. we chose our wine carefully and every evening was a treat and a dream. We also enjoyed going out but invariably "home cooking" was better. Over here of course it is different. I still enjoy cooking immensely. On Tuesday I went to Whitstable in order to buy a salmon to cook for my 74th birthday!!. My guests were a 93year old cousin and his wife, a neighbour aged 85, my son and my brother. We drank two bottles of champagne as well. A good time was had by all. Glad you managed to find the special brandy. Dick, my husband used to make cocktails with various liqueurs. I particularly remember a golden cadillac which was made with Galliano cream and something else. And a grasshopper also made with a strange combination. But brandy Alexanders are my favourites. I once ate at a five start restaurant on the banks of Lac Annecy with my son and his wife. What a meal we had. A real joy. Well, my gastronomic friend, enjoy many more meals and you may share them with me in writing at any time!!. Regards to your lovely wife. AR1 smiley - schooloffish

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