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What a good idea! smiley - tongueout


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Thanks Niwt! Someone reads my page! smiley - ok

They are some of the links I give to my students, UK A level aged 16 - 18. I've just checked them and removed ones that don't seem to work anymore.

I've also added one we've had a lot of fun using in basic anatomy classes recently, the Neuroscience for Kids link. That's one I think you'll really like. Do they do Psychology at your school?
smiley - bluefish


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The neuroscience for kids one is great, I love it!!!!!! smiley - biggrin

No, psychology isn't done at my school. I think that here it's only done at college which is different. smiley - erm But I love psychology 'cos it's fascinating and I read all the library books about it and then I got a mint in overdue fines so I don't like it anymore. smiley - sadface

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