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Fruit, for the most part, is misunderstood. Many people see it as simple nourishment and part of a balanced diet. However, these people are often unaware of fruit's deep, carnal secret.

Most fruit, being harmless, is fine to be naked with. However, some very select fruit is erotic in nature. These fruit cannot be named, as several separate species are erotic in their approach. Apples, pears, grapes, the lot can be sluttish.

There are several ways in which fruit can be erotic. It can be erotic by itself, by influencing and corrupting the mind of a human. Or sometimes, it can be used for erotic purposes. The latter is much more common, and the great debate on whether this 'fruit exploitation' is an illegal activity is still ongoing. Also, the ways in which fruit can be eroticised are too numerous to mention, but I will detail one here in hope to show the sort of thing involved with this topic.

Grapes: Grapes are fun fruit. Often used in sexual contexts, such as slaves feeding their masters, they are particularly erotic. They are used to make wine, an aphrodisiac and perhaps somewhat of a sex aid. However, particular erotic uses include the peeling of the grapes, and the oral manipulation of them. Many people split the grapes, remove the seeds inside and rub the innards against their lips.

As you can see, graphic description of the numerous erotic fruit and their activites would become quite inappropriate for this site. Suffice to say, next time you look at your favoured piece of fruit, think twice about letting it see you naked.

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