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Laughing while reading...

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Methos (one half of the HHH Management)

Isn't something that happens too often, now does it? And I mean, really laughing as in laughing out loud. It's a gift to write something that causes people to giggle in the most inappropriate places like the bus, so that people turn to you. And you can read on their faces that they at least think you're a little weird. Because they don't know that you're reading something by Douglas Adams, so of course you just HAVE to laugh.

No, it really is a gift. And Douglas Adams had it.

It really is hard to believe that there will never be a new story, new jokes, new absurd situations..... But fortunately you can read his books time and again - they will cause you time and again to giggle in the bus.


Laughing while reading...

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I remember when I was reading "Life, The Universe, And Everything" out loud to a friend. I got to the part where Ford is explaining to Arthur about the "Eddies in the space/time continuum", and couldn't finish the paragraph. smiley - smiley

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