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Reservations, red roses, one jacket – just washed.

Wrong alarm code, dropped keyring, one minute – lost.

Puddles splashing, chest heaving, one bus – long passed.

Phone ringing, wrong response, one taxi – delayed.

Feet shuffling, eyes darting, one thought – dismayed.

Two headlights, one cabbie, no wallet – unpaid.

Legs pumping, lungs gasping, something flapping – shoelace.

Arms flailing, teeth clenching, one kerbstone – embraced.

Blood dripping, mud cloying, one jacket – defaced.

Face bruising, mouth swelling, one tooth – mislaid.

No battery, no call box, one phonecall – unmade.

Stems broken, mouth aching, one requirement – first aid.

No Romeo, no Juliet, no lovers – star-crossed.

Burnt candles, missed meeting, one romance – squashed.

No rendez-vous, no Valentine, one jacket.


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