Now, I have made the mistake

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of getting all caught up in a book or a series of books and freaking out about what I thought was cool, new, and real.

I would drive everybody nuts around me trying to get them to read it or them also so that I would have someone to talk to about it.

Not having a computer or an internet back then, I had no place to go to to talk to other people who had read the book or books.

I made a fool of myself more than once. I still do every once in a while. There is a power to "discovering" a book that captures your imagination to the point where you want to share it. Of course, it can be carried way too far if you start buying copies for acquaintances, joining clubs so you can read selections and buying costumes so you can pretend to be one of the main characters.

You can go even farther by basing your belief system on the text and deciding you'd rather die than part with your copy.

Stalking the author and demanding a new episode is kinda bad, also.

Not that I've ever done any of those things.

I have written nasty letters to directors of the movie version of the book, though. I didn't send any as since the stalking incident, he had moved.

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