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Researcher 168963

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Bright Blue Shorts

I have a question about part of the conclusion: "It allows students to take more subjects, and gives them *basic qualifications in essential skills* whatever the subjects they choose."

Are A levels really the time to be going broader? Surely basic skills and qualifications should be being gained at a younger age and further education should be about pupils focusing their studies in depth.

I mean someone who doesn't stay on at school, but goes off to do a vocational course e.g. hairdressing, chef, mechanic concentrates on their subject. They don't go off learning French 1 day per week because it'll make them broader.

Just wondering ...


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Researcher 168963

Well, on the continent they do loads of subjects at that age which apparently has a better effect on their working life, 'cause they have more skills.

If someone knows exactly what they want to do it can be a nusuance having to study more things just to make up the numbers though.

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