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Secretly Not Here Any More

Well I've been through and Stumbled or Dugg my favourite articles from the Post. Has everyone else?

The only issue is we don't know how many people are viewing the pages we're selecting. I'd imagine we're getting a few additional hits, but we'll get more if a few people can spare five minutes to do some digging!

(Oh, Rich? Thanks for the link to UT - without getting techie, ThePost has a hefty pagerank, and if some of that linkjuice gets passed my way, I'll be delighted. Plus 23 people have clicked on that link so far!)

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I laughed out loud at UT, not least because I've just finished reading Maskerade.

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Secretly Not Here Any More

Cheers Bea, glad you enjoyed it!

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Skankyrich [?]

'ThePost has a hefty pagerank...'

Really? That's quite cool. I might have to promote http://www.cavendishcavaliers.com/news through it, then smiley - winkeye

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Secretly Not Here Any More

While it's live at "thepost", the PR is 5. Once it's archived to an A Number, the PR drops down to 0.

Saying that, I have the suspicion that BBC links are all nofollow, and so don't pass on page rank anyway.

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