Landmarks in the h2g2 Universe

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Landmarks in the H2G2 Virtual Universe

For the a slice of history h2g2-style, try the h2g2 Historical Society. Pick up a codex, start a debate, anything of an historical nature.

Be sure to sample some of the many historically-important delicacies and beverages in The History of Food and Drink Wing.

TVF Stadium, home to the Rambling Misfits: The Galactic Hitchhiker's Softball Team. Click here and I'll give you a ride over there in my capacity as team bus driver.

The Church of the True Brownie: See the Canonical Cathedral of Chocolate and consume confectionery with the Congregation of the Cocoa Bean. Enter and be blessed by the benediction of brownie baking. Worship at the holy tabernacle-ovens. As Keeper of the Aprons, I offer you this ceremonial bib, and invite you to partake in the Brownie's goodness. All hail the Brownie!

The h2g2 Legs (Temporarily Renamed The Temporary Rename): When you tire of sobriety, this is the place to wet your whistle. The drinks are free, but reservations for the bucket must be made in advance. Ask for Menza the barman and a pint of Drum Roll.

The h2g2 Post: All the news on h2g2 that's fit to print.

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