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By day, Ormskirk is a busy little town with a huge variety of shops, and several other attractions to visit. By night, things are very different.

Ormskirk has many bars, pubs and restaurants which all offer different things. Taking a students perspective, the most popular outlets are Disraeli's and Aribba. Both have pool tables, however, Disraeli's has a whole room upstairs devoted to pub games, including snooker and a gigantic game of 'Connect Four' on the wall. This floor is also home to the second bar.

In Disraeli's there is often background music, and on special occasions, such as Christmas and Halloween, a D.J. can often be found pumping out popular tracks, much to the delight of the students. For those who prefer to dance the night away, Aribba offers a resident D.J. and a dance floor at a small entrance fee, although once inside, the drinks are extremely cheap and are often on 'buy-one-get-one-free' offer.

In Ormskirk there are many traditional pubs, including The Cricketers and The Golden Lion just to mention a few. Such places are nice for a drink or two with friends, the weekly pub quiz, and a game of darts or pool. Many traditional pubs are the 'second home' of cliques of students who deem themselves 'regulars' since they are dotted around the town, usually near to where students are residing in off-campus accommodation.

Not into alcohol, or looking for a night off the beer? Try one of Ormskirk's restaurants which offer meals originating from various counrtries around the world.

Le Frog is a French restaurant located near the bus station. It is quite small, but offers a wide range of traditional French dishes. Closer to the train station is Cafe Bar which specialises in Italian food. They also do a meal deal where you can order a starter, main course and desert for £5, Monday to Friday before 7pm.

Towards the outskirts of Ormskirk is 5-Ways, a restaurant which is part of the Big Steak Pub chain. This is extremely family orientated. It includes a Wacky Warehouse indoor play area for the children, a large family eating area, and a restricted bar area with a pool table for over eighteens. The menu includes many English meals and also some from abroad. In addition, they also provide a children's menu. The drinks are quite expensive in 5-Ways, however, the food is reasonably priced and very nice!

The new restaurant is called the Sand Piper, and it's near the Little Chef. I'm going there for my birthday I think.

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