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Manchester Mini-Meet on 23rd November!

Post 421

Tinkerbell *tumbleweed*

*passes Peregrin a paper bag to breath into*
It'll be fine!!! No-one will make you get up for breakfast, that'd clearly be eveil and wouldn't be allowed...I don't actually think I've ever been to breakfast on a Saturday ever...or a Sunday for that matter...or ummm a Thursday, or a Monday or hmmm smiley - winkeye

Manchester Mini-Meet on 23rd November!

Post 422

Granny Weatherwax - ACE - Hells Belle, Mother-in-Law from the Pit - Haunting near you on Saturday

It'll have to be a Durham Dandelion (keeping on the salad theme) meet next year for me I'm afraid, smiley - sadface. Do they still breed the multi-legged chickens in the biology labs there? I did a week's summer school in the ivy covered hall up the hill (the name of which escapes me) once, every meal included chicken, you never saw chicken breast or wings, just legs smiley - erm

Manchester Mini-Meet on 23rd November!

Post 423

Tinkerbell *tumbleweed*

Aaah Durham slop...mmmm such a delicacy smiley - winkeye

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