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Yo-Yo Basics

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Yo-Yoing is something i do in my spare time. One of my most favorite hobbies! Here I'll give you tons of information on starting and doing basic tricks!!smiley - cool
Im sort of new, as well, but im pretty good.

All right some of the most well known yo-yo companies are these!
Duncan(http://www.yo-yo.com), Yomega (http://www.yomega.com), YoYoJam
(http://www.yoyojam.com), and Pro-Yo (http://www.proyo.com).

There are 2 main types of yo-yos the standard with no "wings" and a nice rounded edge on the inside. the second is the "butterfly" it has rounded wings on the outside edges...great for string tricks!

Now that you have a yo-yo try making it "sleep". To make your yo-yo sleep face the string away from your wrist with palm up. Then, while making a musclebring down your arm and snap your wrist. Your palm should still be facing up though as the yo-yo drops turn over your wrist. Not to fast or you will lose control of the yo-yo. Now that your palm is face down your yo-yo should be at the bottom position spinning.
with a slight yank you can bring your yo-yo back up.

Now that you can sleep, you can now easily, do 2 simple tricks. "Walk the Dog" and "The Buzz Saw". To walk the dog just sleep your yo-yo and gently let it touch the ground. the yo-yo will move away from you. Walk with it and just give it a yank to pull it back up.for the buzz saw your'e going to walk the dog. but this time try it on a tissue box or just an empty cardboard box.( i personally think a tissue box works better!)

I know more tricks but I've run out of time...so if anyone else has any tricks or hints to begginers, Please share!!!smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrin

Yo-Yo Basics

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You don't put it here. There is a place to put it. I have no clue at the moment (I have made one though but do to short term memory forgot how to get to the right page) but there is a page.

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Yo-Yo Basics

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