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Pot, AKA Weed, Hemp, Mary Jane, MJ, cannabis, buds, skunk, green, marijuana, sativa, indica and many other names has been with mankind from the dawn of time. Historical accounts tell of use by Queen Victoria. George Washington, Bill Clinton and other notables.
During the first 150 years of the United States hemp was a normal part of any farm. George Washington said "make the most of the India hemp seed and sow it everywhere."
The Declaration was written on parchment, the copies of the declaration that were sent to each State were written on Hemp paper. So in a way our nation was founded on Hemp.
During the Great Wars it was required of farmers to dedicate a certain of their fields to the production of hemp to support the war effort.

Hemp flowers, or buds, are used by millions with no harm to their neighbors or countrymen, yet many 100's of thousnads are jailed or have their posessions seized for using small amounts. Hemp fibers can be made into structial building materials that rival steel, and yet the lumber companies insist the must cut our old growth forests to survive. Hemp oils can replace many of the petrolium based plastics, solvents, lubricants and heating fuels in use today, yet we still send our young men and women into far off deserts to die for little more than protecting an oil supply.

Government, Law Enforcement and Organized Crime resist any effort to legalize Pot due to the Billions of dollars spent to aquire, eradicate or enforce laws against a simple plant. Producing, selling and taxing hemp would more than pay for the wars on truly harmful drugs, but the lawmakers make far more from its prohibition.

Liquor companies spend millions to ensure that their largest competitor, Hemp, remains as out of reach as possable. You can buy a Pan galictic Gargle Blaster in any decent pub, and then drive home, and if you have ever had a PanGGB then you know that your driving skills are quite impared. A bloke can smoke a bowl of bud and take to the road with total concentration, noting every subtle detail of the vehicle, the road, traffic and those hairs on the back of their hand.

Next time your at the emergency room ask the medic on call what the percentage of drunks to stoners is on his clientel.

Hemp, the only better aid to universal brotherhood is a babelfish.

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