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Here's a list of things I want to accomplish at some point. My goal is to knock around 2-3 of these of each year.

  • Learn to tap dance, decently.1

  • Take a cruise.

  • Buy a house.
  • A polkadot typewriter

  • Write a book.

  • Get a dog.

  • Leave North America.2

  • Spend a long weekend in a convent.

  • Live in a rural town somewhere.

  • Go on a weeklong camping trip, *without* any Girl Scouts.

  • Look at myself in a swimsuit without thinking negative thoughts.

  • Adopt a child.

  • Start my own school or child care center

  • Publish a short story

  • Write an entry for every major category in the Edited Guide
  • The crowd booing at Mikey

  • Publish a picture book

  • Go to Disneyworld or Disneyland, preferably with Stevie in tow

  • Visit California

Here are the ones I've done by now.

  • Done something about my butt-ugly couches

  • Finish a quilt.

  • Finish my PhD.

  • Only work at one job at a time.
Mikey slaving over her quilt

Yes, yes, I started with some of the easier ones.... Some of the tasks will take years of work and are currently ongoing. It's good to have goals, though. :)

1I already know how to tap badly.2But then come back home after a nice visit -- after all, I'm still a Yankee!

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