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AAAaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh indeed

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Do not feed the reaper

Good Lucy (Starship Titanic) impression there smiley - smiley

AAAaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh indeed

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The effect I was aiming for was more the sperm whale finding itself hitting the ground in h2g2, but the demented parrot (was it called Lucy) is cool too.

AAAaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh indeed

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ChuckleTrousers, protector of all things moist and receiver of brilliant Muses who happen to be drunk at the time

no, lucy was the chick who eventually had sex with The Reporter. And as long as were talking about the whale, who can forget the bowl of petunias......

AAAaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh indeed

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Oh dear. The flowers? Flowers should *not* be allowed to reap their revenge.


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well u got me there first thing i managed to get on aswell,well done

AAAaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh indeed

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the flowers did get their revenge. or would of if it got it's timeing right

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